JINPAT Slip Rings for Radar Antenna / Ship Borne Radar

2017/10/11 13:44:29

JINPAT Slip Rings for Radar Antenna / Ship Borne Radar

Slip ring is key part of Radar Antenna whose function is achieving power and signal connection between rotary part and stationary part of Radar Antenna. Radar Antenna slip ring is a mechanical and electrical element that can transfer current and signal from a fixed equipment to a rotary equipment. JINPAT could produce the slip ring in the application of Ship borne radar slip ring, Satcom on the move slip ring and Vehicle-mounted radar slip ring accordantly.

Radar antenna slip ring usually need to connect a high frequency rotary joint, sometimes it’s supposed to be through bore slip ring. The technical of JINPAT through bore slip ring is very ripe, they have setting a through bore slip ring production line.

Because of high cost of maintenance, the requirements of quality and lifetime for the radar slip ring are quiet strict. Rely on the years of experience and mature technique, JINPAT can make sure the radar slip ring life time up to 20 years. JINPAT slip ring do not only have many types of radar slip rings, they can also customized for you according to your requirements. 

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