JINPAT Slip Rings Widely Used in Amusement Equipments

A variety of JINPAT slip rings can be used in amusement equipment, including traditional carbon brush slip rings, through-hole slip rings, capsule slip rings, and pancake slip rings.

JINPAT slip ring can achieve high protection grade IP68, waterproof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion. Mainly used for downstream music equipment:

  • Large amusement equipment

  • Small and medium-sized amusement equipment

  • Inflatable toys series

  • Water amusement facilities

  • Electronic amusement machine series

  • JINPAT Electronics features precision conductive slip rings for amusement equipment:

    • 360° continuous rotation to transmit current and signal, can mix Ethernet, USB, CANBUS and other signals

    • Compatible with data bus protocols

    • Long life, easy installation, maintenance-free, no lubrication

    • High IP rating could be customized for harsh weather conditions




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