JINPAT Slip Ring with Superior 360° Rotation Solutions

2020/4/14 9:44:00

JINPAT has a dedicated custom production line to meet your highest slip ring requirements. In many high-end fields of industrial equipment, there are many requirements for multiple relative motions such as revolutions and rotations. Functional components, weak electric signals, light signals, air pressure, water pressure, water pressure, oil pressure and other energy media need to be transmitted between any relatively continuous 360 ° electrical components.

JINPAT Slip Ring Manufacturer with Superior 360° Rotation Solutions 

Electromechanical equipment that can move freely during rotary motion must use a rotary solution. JINPAT, as a China slip ring manufacturer, we supply wide range slip rings and provide 360°rotary solutions. Besides supplying standard through hole slip rings, capsule slip rings, separate slip rings, pan cake slip rings, hydraulic slip rings, Pneumatic slip rings, coax rotary joints, fiber optic slip ring., etc.


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