JINPAT Slip Ring for Nutrunner

The tools of pneumatic nutrunners offer a superior combination of power, speed and accuracy. With their advanced ergonomic designs, they are also extremely user-friendly and will contribute to raising productivity in a wide range of applications in your assembly plant.

The nutrunner successfully combines two key performance factors: speed and accuracy. Consistently accurate, high-speed tightening complemented by advanced ergonomic design, including JINPAT slip ring in it, the nutrunner ensures an unmatched level of productivity. 

Regarding the project of the nutrunner, JINPAT slip ring, specific name Jinpat as preferred supplier for slip rings in new products. JINPAT slip ring as a key component produced externally aim to keep the same level of quality wherever they are produced internally or externally. JINPAT specially developed the super miniature slip ring LPMS-06B-0301, which is widely used in series of nutrunner.

Circuits: 3 circuits

Rating Current: 3 circuits*1A

Rating Voltage: 0-5VAC/DC

Dynamic Resistance Fluctuation Value: 35MΩ

Rotating Speed: 0~3000rpm

Contact Material: Gold to Gold

Housing Material: Engineering Plastics

Lead Wire Length: Rotor side: 300mm; Stator side:162+-mm

Temperature: -20°C~+60°C

Humidity:  ≤60%RH

Protection grade: IP40



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