JINPAT Slip Ring for Moving Head LED Lights

Moving head LED lights are the key player in many stage occasions like disco, party, concert and musical theatre, etc. Moving head LED lights builds up the spectacular atmosphere through adjusting different colors of light and light angles. In this equipment, a slip ring is installed to enable the light projector to rotate while enabling light signal to transmit. JINPAT capsule slip ring is a good choice to serve moving head LED lights.

Moving head LED lights are the key player in many stage occasions like disco, party, concert and musical theatre, etc. Moving head LED lights builds up the spectacular atmosphere through adjusting different colors of light and light angles. In this equipment, a slip ring is installed to enable the light projector to rotate while enabling light signal to transmit. JINPAT capsule slip ring is a good choice to serve moving head LED lights.

JINPAT Electronics is an established slip ring manufacturer. Since establishments, JINPAT has devoted to developing slip rings that can satisfy the demand of different industries and applications. JINPAT has earned a good reputation for its excellent product quality and satisfactory customer service.


JINPAT Capsule Slip Ring for Moving Head LED Lights

JINPAT capsule slip ring features small size and therefore can be installed in devices that have space limitation. Even with a small and compact size, JINPAT capsule slip rings have excellent performances. This slip ring model offers a smooth 360-degree rotation. With gold-to-gold contacts, the capsule slip ring is able to maintain low friction and therefore reaches a longer product life. Aside from providing rotary movements, JINPAT capsule slip ring is also able to transmit various kinds of signals like CAN signal, RS signal and angle signals. It facilitates the signal transmission between the control center and the projector, allowing light to project in a certain angle in certain color.

Aside from capsule slip rings, JINPAT also has other slip ring models that can serve the moving head LED projector like JINPAT through bore slip ring, JINPAT pancake slip ring and JINPAT fiber optic rotary joint. Contact JINPAT to state your requirements, and we will come up with a slip ring model perfectly for you.

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