JINPAT Slip Ring for Electron Microscope

        Electron microscope is an indispensable tool in modern science and technology, which is composed of lens barrel, vacuum device and power cabinet. In the electronic microscope, the focus controller is a requisite control module. It needs to ensure the repeatable location of the microscope and provide accurate position information. The focus controller is driven by a stepping motor, while the stepping motor needs an electrical slip ring to provide signal and current transmission. JINPAT has made varied custom slip rings for different industries, in which LPK series slip rings are designed especially for equipment where installation for the part is limited.

LPKS005-0502-PCB2.jpg        The LPKS005-0502 pancake slip ring adopts separate design idea, and use the PCB board, making it a compact figure. It fits the focus controller module of the stepping motor in a perfect way. With advanced fiber brush technology, it has a low friction force, low contact resistance, and no friction fragment. In the meantime, such flat slip rings can transmit analog and digital signals, compatible with data bus protocol. For any specific requests, JINPAT is ready to provide a tailor-made slip ring for you.


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