JINPAT Slip Ring Used in Package Industry

2020/5/19 17:26:29

Why packaging technology can develop so rapid?

In the age of automation, packaging machine continuous operation. Packaging equipment must provide faster production speed and efficiency than before, so more and more packaging industry has been using packaging equipment to reduce labor costs. The slip-ring is the most critical part of the packaging equipment, which solves the problem that the packaging device needs to rotate 360 degrees on one side and connect the stator on the other side when transmitting the operation command signal and power supply.

JINPAT Slip Ring

Smooth rotation

Reliable contact Long life span

Gold to gold contact

Stable signal transmission

Now let me introduce one kind of packaging equipment customized 


Which working speed 1000rpm when operating temperature at -40℃~ +100℃.Insulation resistance for 1000M@Omega;@500VDC.The slip-ring ID 25.4mm and OD 86mm are customized according to the packaging equipment.

Working speed: 1000rpm

IP: IP 54 Grade

Circuit: 6,12,18,24

Current: 5A, 10A ,15A,20A

Or higher power: 240V,380V, 600V Optional

JINPAT 's Advantages

1.Experience in industry

With 20 years of experience in slip ring, JINPAT served more than 100 countries and more than 1000 customers worldwide

2.Technology Development

More than 50 people excellent professional r&d team, having all the necessary equipment

3. Proprietary Technology

Introduce Germany

Imported technology,


RoHs certificated

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