JINPAT Slip Ring Applied in Space Robot

2020/9/16 16:10:43

The space robot is an intelligent general-purpose mechanical system that operates on a spacecraft or space station. 

Space robots have mechanical arms and computers that can realize functions such as perception, reasoning and decision-making, and can complete various tasks in an unknown space environment just like humans. 

Space robots are designed to perform specific tasks in the onboard and outboard services of the space station, in orbit services, and the development of lunar bases.

JINPAT team make a customized solution with compact size, better signal transmit , by RS422, current  etc.

Model: LPM-12B-0402-01S

Number of circuits: 9 circuits

Rated current: 2 circuits* 2A, 2 circuits 0.5A, 1 circuit RS422

Rated voltage: 0-48VAC / DC

Dynamic resistance fluctuation value: 35MΩ

Speed: 0~300rpm

Contact material: gold to gold

Shell material: engineering plastic

Temperature: -20°C~+60°C


LPM-12B D.jpg

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