JINPAT Signal Slip Rings and Electric Slip Rings

2019/12/26 17:15:29

JINPAT slip ring can be classified into signal slip rings and electric slip rings according to the transmission signal or power type.


JINPAT signal slip rings mainly include Ethernet signal slip ring, video signal slip ring, high-definition signal slip ring, fiber-optic signal, USB high-speed signal, switch/control signal slip ring, RS485/232 signal slip ring, gas-liquid slip ring, various industrial bus slip rings such as PROFIBUS, CANOPEN, DeviceNET, CC-link, PROFINET, etc. The technical level of the slip ring depends on how to transmit high quality signals, prevent signal loss, and achieve low background noise.

The primary task of JINPAT slip rings is to be able to transmit power and electrical signals. At present, the high current conductive slip ring, a so-called high current slip ring, is hot on slip ring field. It can transmit high current slip rings up to more than 50A or even hundreds of amps. Its main features are long life and maintenance-free. JINPAT this special model can continuously rotate 360°of transmission power and various data signals for lifting equipment, turntables, marine machinery, engineering machinery, cable reels and so on.

In reality, JINPAT R&D center often designs these two slip rings in combination. According to the user's requirements, the transmission of power, electrical signals, optical signals, gases, liquids, etc. usually can be integrated on a same slip ring.


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