JINPAT Provides Standardized Slip Ring Solution for Automated Production Equipment for Medical Supplies

2020/4/8 14:04:25

Masks used to be very common but not commonly used in our lives, but now they have become a "scarce material" in the world.

As the new crown epidemic is spreading globally, concerns over the shortage of masks have gradually increased, and the World Health Organization has publicly called for the expansion of mask production capacity.

The peak of the current round of Corona Virus in China has passed, and the number of new cases has continued to decline. When the global Covid 19 situation is developing rapidly, China is willing to make China's contribution to the global fight against the Covid 19.

In order to overcome the difficulties, more than 3,000 companies from all walks of life have begun to produce masks across the border, including FCA, BYD and Wuling, which make cars, OPPO, Foxconn, which makes mobile phones, and Gree Real Estate, which is a real estate company. Enterprises have also resumed work, producing masks overtime.

JINPAT slip ring has been committed to providing standardized slip ring solutions for various types of automation equipment, with a solid technical foundation, and can provide mature supporting solutions for the automation equipment for the production of masks, ventilator and various protective materials.


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