For more than a decade, many of our staff have devoted their time 

and energy to the field of conductive slip rings. They may come from 

different positions and are in different ages , but they hold the same

belief, that is to make JINPAT a better company.JINPAT cannot develop 

without their contribution, and they cannot develop without JINPAT. 

JINPAT Participated In Communication Asia 2017

2011/5/6 15:30:59

JINPAT Participated In Communication Asia 2017

The 28th International Communications and Information Technology Exhibition & Conference 2017 finally closed at Singapore. JINPAT participated in this great fair from may 23 to 25, and exhibited our leading products such as USB slip rings, HDMI Slip rings and capsule slip rings which applied to many industrial fields. 

There are our colleagues in this picture at the exhibition. Behind them, there are our posters, some brochures and products etc. Through this exhibition we found some potential customers and other gains.


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