JINPAT Miniature Slip Ring Technology has Been Greatly Improved

2017/9/12 15:35:58


Miniature Slip Ring 


With the upgrading and function of various automation equipment technologies, the higher performance is required for various components in design and manufacturing. Like rotary electrical connectors - miniature slip ring adapt to the application of technology upgrades in a variety of performance has been greatly improved. In particular, the conductive slip ring used for equipment that is often operated underwater, and it also requires the transmission of complex signals and power supply, for the protective grade of the conductive slip ring itself, such as water resistance and moisture resistance which are very high requirements. If the collector ring is used in communication equipment and instrument to avoid the transmission line will not be damaged by twisting when the system is in operation. Make sure that the electrical connection is smooth through the use of conductive slip rings.

The emergence of miniature slip ring is according to the mechanical equipment requirements in recent years; as a result of the slip ring structure determines the high speed of contact and the value of the impedance, so the application of high speed slip ring is very widely. JINPAT micro slip ring has excellent performance, long service life and flexible structure, which can reach the level of similar foreign products.

The series of miniature slip ring LPM-04A is a standard miniature capsule slip ring, the outer diameter is 12.5 mm, the length is 15.6 mm, 4 circuits, 1A/circuit. The internal structure is more precise and compact with the high standard surface treatment technology, gold - gold contact guarantees stability and service life. Especially, it is suitable for the transmission of multiple signals in a small rotating system. It can transmit Ethernet, USB, RS, Canbus and FireWire etc.


Application areas:

1. CT medical equipment

2. PTZ

3. Electrical test equipment

4. Turntable

5. CCTV security monitoring equipment

6. Robot

7. Exhibition / display device

8. Manufacture and disposal of control equipment

9. LED lights

10. Radar antenna

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