JINPAT Integrated FORJ High-Power Offshore Winch Military Slip Ring

Offshore cable winches are mainly used in the marine environment. Long-distance transmission of high voltage, large current power and signals are needed. The offshore cable winches are equipped with slip rings to transmit power, ship control signals and digital signals to the winch base.

The general operation method is to connect the cable with the underwater robot through the JINPAT slip ring. JINPAT slip ring ensures the electrical connection between the submarine exploration data and the winch system, so that the data information can be transmitted to the winch base through the slip ring for professional technicians to analyze and use.

Recently, JINPAT has developed a slip ring for the marine cable winches. The working voltage of the product reaches 4000V AC, which mainly transmits 2 50A current signals and integrates 4 optical fiber signals. The protection grade of the product is IP65, which can meet the use of harsh environments such as salt fog, humidity, icing and large temperature difference in the marine environment. At the same time, the product itself is compatible with shock resistance and shock loads caused by hull or winch or external forces.


During the R & D period, the research team strived to solve the problem of dynamic sealing and the technical difficulties of high-speed and stable transmission of big data. It adopted a dynamic sealing structure. Under the combined action of special low-temperature grease and seal protection, it used anti-salt spray and the corrosive special materials also solve the EMC problem in the complex electromagnetic interference environment of the ship.

This slip ring can be customized, such as the outer dimensions, internal circuits. If the slip ring needs to be immersed in water, the IP68 protection level can be customized, and multiple signals such as USB and SDI can be transmitted at the same time.


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