JINPAT High Temperature Slip Ring in High Temperature Roller

Generally speaking, the temperature of high-temperature slip ring is usually -20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, beyond this range, it will cause the life of slip ring to decrease rapidly, and even lead to direct damage. The quality of the contact material directly affects the performance of the slip ring. The slip ring operates at a high temperature for 24 hours without interruption. If the contact material is not resistant to high temperature, it will easily melt! The heat resistance and thermal deformation of the material are also very important. This directly affects the overall function of the slip ring. If the material is not selected properly, the product will melt or deform in a high temperature environment and affect the temperature of the slip ring.

JINPAT slip ring is made of high temperature resistant material, and it is designed to be a high temperature slip ring under 100 ° C working environment for a long time. This slip ring has the function of transmitting power and data signals at the same time. It has a long life and requires no lubrication. It can work continuously up to 15 million revolutions, which has won the trust of our customers. At the same time, the research and development team of JINPAT will also design various slip rings with high requirements according to the actual situation of the customer. The test department will prove the reliability and stability of the slip ring in special environment through a series of internal tests and execution standards, and to prove the influence of test temperature and speed change on slip ring parameters.

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