JINPAT High Power Explosion-Proof Slip Rings

Explosion proof slip rings are rotary transmission components that operate in the special working environment. There are different criteria to the slip rings according to the specific characteristics of the applied environments. JINPAT is experienced in developing slip rings for various purpose and application environments. By now, JINPAT has developed tens of explosion-proof slip rings. There are special slip ring models that feature high power/large current transmit while some others for small applications. From JINPAT’s record, petrochemical industry has the largest demand for explosion-proof slip rings.


JINPAT High Power Explosion-Proof Slip Rings LPA000-04400-0663-0310-10S-EX


LPA000-04400-0663-0310-10S-EX is a high power explosion-proof slip ring model. LPA000-04400-0663-0310-10S-EX can work in the marine hazardous zone specified by IEC. This slip ring model consists of power module and signal module. There are four 400A channels and six 63A channels in the power module. This part also adopts carbon brush design. And in the signal module, there are three 10A channels and ten signal channels. This small model is integrated in a hollow-shaft slip ring.


LPA000-04400-0663-0310-10S-EX is a high power slip ring developed for offshore oil rig crane. To cope with salt spray and humid offshore environment, this slip ring model is with high protection grade, IP56. At the temperature of 20℃, LPA000-04400-0663-0310-10S-EX
withstands humidity≤90%. So, this slip ring model can function smoothly and reliably in the offshore environment.


LPA000-04400-0663-0310-10S-EX can endure temperature from -10℃ to 50℃. This trait, together with a built-in heater, allows the slip ring to function in the low temperature area. The built-in heater will initialize if the temperature is low, and once the temperature is at the normal level, it will shut down. This high power explosion-proof slip ring meet the standards specified in API Specification 2C 7th Edition and AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code. 


JINPAT has a great inspection system that carry out serious quality inspections on the slip rings. JINPAT slip rings demonstrate great stability and reliability. Contact JINPAT to find out the best slip ring model for your applications!

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