JINPAT Fiber Optic Slip Ring for Spinning-Laser lidar on Driverless System

With the development of driverless technology, lidar, as the key censor of the driverless system, will also be more popular. To receive in formation of the traffic and complete 3 dimensions mapping, the laser projector as well as the feedback censor on the lidar have to rotate in 360-degree. This opens a niche for slip rings, where they can complete the mission of transmitting drive as well as signal from the rotary part and the stationary part.

With the development of driverless technology, lidar, as the key censor of the driverless system, will also be more popular. To receive in formation of the traffic and complete 3 dimensions mapping, the laser projector as well as the feedback censor on the lidar have to rotate in 360-degree. This opens a niche for slip rings, where they can complete the mission of transmitting drive as well as signal from the rotary part and the stationary part.


JINPAT fiber optic slip ring is a perfect product for the spinning-laser lidar. JINPAT fiber optic slip ring functions to transmit power and signals, allowing laser beams to project in 360-degree and then transmit the feedback to the receiver installed in the stationary part. JINPAT fiber optic rotary joint excel in data protection with barely any data loss. This slip ring model allows rapid transmission of data, and therefore realize real-time detection of the traffic and environment. Thanks to its reliable signal and power transmit, JINPAT slip rings help autonomous vehicles to have a safer ride.


JINPAT Single Mode Fiber Optic Rotary Joint LPFO-01A

Single-mode fibers are with small core size and small numerical aperture and for this reason they exhibit very high bandwidths at wavelengths between 1,270 nm and 1,650 nm. JINPAT FORJ fiber optic rotary joint is alternative in single-mode optic and multimode optic. Contact JINPAT to find out the most suitable slip ring for your application!


JINPAT Fiber Optic Rotary Joint LPFO-01G

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