JINPAT Electronics Can Customize Integrated Precision Slip Ring

Ordinary slip rings only have a single function, while integrated slip rings integrate multiple slip rings with different functions. The integrated slip rings developed by JINPAT Electronics include power signal integrated slip rings, gas-hydraulic integrated slip rings, intermediate frequency integrated slip rings, and high frequency electric slip rings.

Power signal integrated slip ring is a relatively simple type of integrated slip ring. Quite a part of this type of slip ring developed by JINPAT Electronics is improved from standard products. By doing this, it can quickly complete the design and delivery, saving costs. The representative model of this type of slip ring is the super miniature slip ring LPMS-44S/60S/72S/80S, which are adopted by advanced military weapons and equipments.

Gas-hydraulic integrated slip rings are mostly used in automated machinery. One type is to integrate two different standard slip rings, such as the combination of capusle slip ring and gas-hydraulic slip ring, and the other type of customized gas-hydraulic integrated slip ring, mostly integrated with through-hole or high current slip ring. The high-current gas-hydraulic integrated slip ring has relatively sufficient space and is mostly modular in design, so it is less affected by structure and volume. In addition, this series of slip rings support customization with high protection levels.

Intermediate frequency or high-frequency integrated slip rings are basically slip rings developed for military radar rotation systems. JINPAT intermediate frequency integrated slip ring can achieve a phase change value of less than 8° under the premise of a large aperture (up to 96mm), and the multi-phase consistency is less than 2°. At the same time, the delay between groups is less than 0.1ns, and the isolation between rings not less than 65db.

If you need to customize the precision integrated slip ring, it is right to contact JINPAT, whether it is for military applications or civilian applications, we can custom it.



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