JINAPT R&D High Life Capsule Slip Rings

2017/10/9 13:59:58


JINAPT R&D High Life Capsule Slip Rings


In order to constantly meet the needs of the market development, After several months' development, JINPAT published long life capsule slip rings with over 6 million rpm rotation. The super miniature conductive slip ring LPMS-08C has many advantages than before, this type of capsule slip ring has the following highlights:

1. Uses high performance engineering plastic housing, the outer diameter of LPMS - 08 is 8.4mm, while the outer diameter of LPMS - 08C is compressed to 6.5mm. While the loop can be up to 8 rings and the maximum load up to 2A.

2. Excellent structure design, advanced technology level and precise equipment production, the contact material adopts delicate design with high abrasion resistance and long life precious metal, which ensures good contact.

3. The small but accurate design delivers low torque, low wear rate, low electrical noise and reliable rotation. Slip ring can transmit power and signal stably and reliably.

This series of capsule slip ring features compact design, long service life, and easy installation, which can be widely used in handheld PTZ, UAV, robot, exhibition, display equipment and so on. It can be customized according to customer's special installation requirements, please contact us.


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