How to Prolong the Working Life of Carbon Brush Collector

The collector material is a good conductor of electricity which needs high mechanical strength. It has the feature of corrosion resistance. When contacting with electrical brush, it must be wearable and steady. Generally, sliding contact with the electric brush has better wear resistance and higher mechanical strength. So most problems appearing on synchronous motor are caused by large wear differences.

As for the question how to prolong the working life of carbon brush collector ring, we’d pay attention to the following points:

1. The design of assembled parts of carbon brush collector.

Low performance won't appear despite storing for 2 years and using for 20 years. Based on 95% of confidence, it must have 99.75% of reliability. The calculation of the design, assignment, modeling, test data and the general conditions of the field operation must meet the requirements of standard specification.

2. Suitable for various installation environments of wind turbine generator. And can ensure continuous and stable work. 

3. The insulation material must meet the requirements of working temperature -40℃to 125℃. And the insulation grade is above F.

4. Meet the requirements of fatigue, over-speed and vibration data.

5. The sealing material meet the requirements of working temperature -40℃ to 125℃.

6. The collector ring adopts vacuum dipping paint or closed treatment under high temperature and humidity environment. The surface is treated by hydrophobic treatment.

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