How the Carbon Brush Holder Works

2020/1/8 9:39:06

Carbon brush holder is to apply pressure to the carbon brush in sliding contact with the surface of the commutator or the slip ring through the spring, so that it can conduct current stably between the fixed body and the rotating body.

Carbon brushes are used on the surface of the commutator on the inside of the brush motor. When the motor rotates, the electric energy is transmitted to the coil through the commutator. Since its main component is carbon, it is called carbon brush, which is easy to wear. The carbon brush holder should be maintained and replaced regularly, and the carbon deposits should be cleaned up. A carbon brush is a device that transfers energy or signals between a fixed part and a rotating part of a motor or generator or other rotating machinery. It is generally made of pure carbon plus coagulant. The shape is generally a square, and it is stuck on a metal bracket. A spring presses it against the shaft.

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