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Hainan Coconut Island Style Tour

2011/5/6 15:30:59

Hainan Coconut Island Style Tour

Hainan Island, a place full of childhood fantasy, tall coconut trees, the little girl with betel nut, it's like spring all the year round.

Waves, beach, bright sunshine ...

Entering Hainan Island, it was like walking into a maze. The sea is like a jade, like a mirror wave, like a rouge sand, like a rainbow, And the bright sunshine, lush betel nut trees are made an appointment to confuse you, let you forget yourself.

At the southern tip of hainan island, the city of sanya is the most picturesque, This small town in the southernmost part of the country has a unique tropical landscape.The famous "Ultima Thule", There are beautiful legends of deer turns head, There are "Oriental Hawaii" known as the Yalong Bay,There is the great east sea where the water is warm...

Sanya's Coconut-scented Sea Breeze 

In the blue sky there were large white clouds, and beneath the white clouds were blue and blue sea, and there stood tall coconut trees on the edge of the sea.

Sanya sea is inseparable for coconut trees, Is the tall coconut tree set off the vast expanse of the sea, the new green coconut tree set off the sea blue, Or the vast sea bring out the tall of the coconut trees, the blue sea of water against the green of the coconut tree. In short, without the coconut trees, the sanya sea seems to be missing something that can be recognized at a glance.

Along the south coast of Sanya, 20 km westbound to reach the ""tianya haijiao" scenic area. In the distance, I saw the blue sea and the blue sky, the white waves stretch the fine sand, really vast sky, it is open-minded, there is no such thing as the melancholy of the ends of the earth.

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