Ethernet Slip Rings

The slip ring is designed exclusively for Ethernet transmission. Compatible with data bus protocol, it can transmit Ethernet, analog/data signals, USB, RS, CANBUS, and FireWire in a continuous rotation of 360 degrees.  Moreover, it can integrate signal, power and high frequency into one unit to lower the height and save the installation space. One more point lies in its high rotating precision, reliable performance, long service life and optional current. All have been certificated by the patent technology. Besides, optimized industrial Ethernet signal structure achieves Sercos III signal transmission. It meets the requirements of high performance slip rings in the Industry 4.0. Sercos III, being the combination of SercosIEC61491and Ethernet, provides a solution for a perfect transmission of Ethernet signal in a large hole.


◆ Supporting Sercos III signal transmission

◆ Ready-made connector makes a convenient connection with quick plug in.

◆ An unit that integrates pneumatic hydraulic rotary joints could meet more technical challenges.

◆ Reliable performance in stable signal transmission with no interruption or data package loss, certified by high-precision test facilities and acknowledged by customers for years.

◆ Advanced design could achieve an outer diameter as small as 5.5mm or a through hole up to 120mm.

See how JINPAT slip rings work with the 1Gbyte Ethernet.MP4

Part # Ring # 100/1000M
Bore size(mm) OD(mm) Details
LPT000-1002-U2-E3-HF02 14 1000M Φ32 Φ99
LPT025-0202-E3-U2 11 1000 Φ25.4 Φ86
LPT000-2305-5902-E2 91 1CKT@100M Φ50 Φ99
LPT025-0530-08E-08E-04S / 1*1000Mbps+1*100Mbps 25.4 86mm
LPT038-02E3 / 2*1000Mbps 38 99mm
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