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      Following high-end, fashionable digital products becomes a trend as the standard of living improves. As the situation where management deficiency occurs with few sales associates for too many customers, an alarm display is invented. The device is composed of three parts: alarming host machine, multi-contact alarming sonde, and 3M glue. Besides self-providing systems, the main machine is primarily relying on slip rings to transmit motor current and sensor signals for recognition and alarming within a fixed distance.

     JINPAT, through years’ research and repeated verification, has designed slip rings of LPMS series exclusively for alarm display use. The slip rings can transmit data/signal in 360° continuous rotation. The voltage is in a range of 6V~220V, and channel of 1~44 circuits (0.5~3A per circuit). Compact in its size, the small product is easy to install in a limited space and has a stable transmission. Applied to the alarm display for mobile phones or tablet computers, the slip ring helps implementing functions of infrared remote control, cutting-out or circuit break alarming, and automatic charging to improve the anti-theft recognition. Outstanding performance without loss of connection or data package allows a stable operation. Fiber brush technology allows the slip ring to have minimal noise and debris. Moreover, its long service life conveniently avoids having to update its facilities frequently. With a high rotational speed up to 2000rpm, it can meet the practical use of different requisites. Secured by stringent in-house tests, such slip rings have been praised highly by our customers. Currently, products such as LPMS-04C-03, LPMS-0203-02S, and LPMS-08A have been massively produced to meet the high demand.


Features & Advantages

◆ Transmitting  data/signal in 360° continuous rotation

◆ Compatible with data bus protocol

◆ Compact design

◆ Reliable performance with no data package loss, no connection drop

◆ Low electrical noise, low wear debris

◆ No lubrication, maintenance free with advanced fiber brush technology

◆ Long service life

◆ Mass production, rapid delivery

Part NumberPerformanceSpecs
CircuitsVoltageWorking Speed
Exhibition Booth DisplayLPC-08A-HD012*2.1A48VDC0~300 rpmDetail image.png
Exhibition Booth DisplayLPS-044*2A240VDC0~300 rpmDetail image.png
LED LightLPKS047-0201
2*0.9A36V0~60 rpmDetail image.png
LED LightLPKS-02052*5A380VAC0~300 rpmDetail image.png

Custom Solutions

If Our Standard Rotary Unions And Slip Rings Aren't Quite What You're Looking For, We've Got You Covered. We Provide Custom Designed Components For Specialized Applications. Our Engineers Have Over 80 Years Of Combined Experience In Rotary Unions And Slip Rings And Will Come Up With The Perfect Solution For Your Needs.

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