Different Kinds of Pneumatic Hydraulic Power Hybrid Slip Rings Part1

Pneumatic Hydraulic Power Hybrid Slip Rings integrate the transmission of gas, liquid, power and signals. They are a representative slip ring type that are often used in automated production industry. Due to the uniqueness of the Pneumatic Hydraulic Power Hybrid Slip Rings, they are mostly custom solutions instead of standard models. As a pioneer in slip ring industry, JINPAT Electronics has developed hundreds of pneumatic hydraulic power hybrid slip rings. Among these models, there are small size capsule slip rings, pancake slip rings, through hole slip rings that are integrated with the pneumatic hydraulic rotary joints. Another branch is those with large size, the large current slip rings integrated with pneumatic hydraulic slip rings. 

Pneumatic Hydraulic Power Hybrid Slip Rings integrate the transmission of gas, liquid, power and signals. They are a representative slip ring type that are often used in automated production industry. Due to the uniqueness of the Pneumatic Hydraulic Power Hybrid Slip Rings, they are mostly custom solutions instead of standard models. As a pioneer in slip ring industry, JINPAT Electronics has developed hundreds of pneumatic hydraulic power hybrid slip rings. Among these models, there are small size capsule slip rings, pancake slip rings, through hole slip rings that are integrated with the pneumatic hydraulic rotary joints. Another branch is those with large size, the large current slip rings integrated with pneumatic hydraulic slip rings. 


JINPAT Standard Pneumatic Hydraulic Rotary Joint

In the following, we are going to illuminate several kinds of integration modes of JINPAT pneumatic hydraulic power hybrid slip rings.

The first one is the simplest and most direct integration mode. That is to integrate standard pneumatic hydraulic rotary joints with capsule slip rings. Cable lines of the capsule slip ring need to pass the inner hole of the pneumatic hydraulic rotary joint whose inner diameter is only 6mm. As a result, this hybrid slip rings can only integrated with capsule slip rings within 36 channels. Besides, JINPAT stand pneumatic hydraulic rotary joints can only support 12 channels. As a result, such hybrid slip ring model is relatively limited.

In next article, we are going to reveal more about the other two kinds of JINPAT Pneumatic Hydraulic Power Hybrid Slip Rings.


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