Dedicated for 50 Years Today Will Be an Honorable Retirement

2020/8/4 16:53:30

As a veteran expert, in order not to waste his knowledge and skills after retirement, Mr. Xi accepted the re-employment of JINPAT Electronics. JINPAT Electronics is a professional slip ring manufacturer, with the ability to develop various types of electrical (signal) slip rings, high frequency slip rings, optical fiber slip rings and combined products of the above types of slip rings.


In the process of slip ring design and development, there are many related knowledge in the field of electronic radio frequency. Relying on rigorous academic work style, profound interdisciplinary knowledge and rich project experience, Mr. Xi's guidance provided great help to the engineers of JINPAT's R&D team and helped solve many difficult problems related to signal transmission. For more than 8 years in JINPAT Electronics, Mr. Xi has also made unique contributions to the progress and development of China's slip ring industry, and is also one of the witnesses of JINPAT's growth.


If you look at him from the image, Mr. Xi is still handsome, except for a little gray hair, no one would think that Mr. Xi is 75 years old this year. But the years are merciless. Mr. Xi has contributed more than 50 years to China's electronic radio frequency industry since graduation. Here, we thank Mr. Xi for his contribution to China's electronic radio frequency industry, thank Mr. Xi for his contribution to China's slip ring industry, and thank Mr. Xi for his contribution to JINPAT Electronics.

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