• The Update and Upgrade in Slip Rings


    Among various slip rings, fiber optic rotary joint is one that highly invested with advanced techniques. There are basically two types of fiber optic rotary joint: single-channel and multi-channel. Fi

  • A Perfect Replacement for Mercury Slip Ring


    Mercury Slip Ring adopts liquid metal mercury as its current transfer medium. Thanks to its special sealing technique, insulation design and compactness, Mercury Slip Ring has outstanding characterist

  • Slip Rings in the future 5G Application (Two)


    The development of technologies like 5G will bring upon revolution to people’s everyday life, making it increasingly intelligent and convenient. Such change is inseparable from information acquisition

  • Slip Rings in the future 5G Application


    Regardless of the development of human technology into which era, the slip ring will not disappear. For example, the current hottest 5G technology, in addition to providing people with basic communica

  • Satellite Antenna Slip Rings


    Satellite technology has evolved into an integral part of modern aircraft communications, navigation and flight entertainment. Aircraft communications and navigation involve flying critical systems an

  • Integral structure slip rings VS Separate structure slip rings


    The slip rings are designed in a variety of shapes and configurations to meet different usage scenarios or needs. At present, most of the slip rings on the market are of integral structure, while the

  • Technical Problems Solved by JINPAT Twisted Pair Slip Ring


    The slip ring is an important node to transmit signals, and its performance is related to the reliability and advancement of the whole equipment or system, therefore twisted pair is not as simple as it seems like.

  • JINPAT Through Bore Slip Ring in Water Tower Fire Truck


    JINPAT through bore slip rings can be customized with more than 30 signals or up to 600 channels according to different requirements. The inner diameter is also optional according to actual needs. The

  • Fiber Optic Rotary Joints in the Deep Sea Submersibles


    When the submersible works, the operator needs to send information back to the control room of the mother ship, including the underwater camera signals, sonar image signals, time-division multiplexing

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