• What If There Is a Large Loss of Optical Fiber Slip Ring


    The optical fiber slip rings produced by JINPAT Electronics are all produced in a clean room. Strict quality testing is performed at the factory. The optical fiber ferrule of the connector is covered.

  • Application of JINPAT Photoelectric Integrated Slip Ring on Offshore Winch


    JINPAT's latest optical fiber slip ring can be used in extremely harsh natural environments such as seabeds of thousands of meters deep, ultra-low temperature environment, high voltage, etc., even

  • Measurement and Control Rotary Table Slip Ring


    The slip ring is a component with small space and very dense wiring. Various signals are concentrated in the slip ring, so the mutual inductance and mutual capacitance effect between the signals are l

  • JINPAT Technical Ability of Offshore Slip Rings


    The key to the safe and effective operation of subsea production equipment is a highly reliable subsea communication system. JINPAT is a leading supplier of both off-the-shelf and custom fiber optic t

  • Sweeping Robot Slip Ring


      New products of intelligent sweeping robots come out frequently, and slip rings help the core technology. The intelligent principle of many intelligent sweeping robots: they use lidar for real-

  • JINPAT Slip Ring Used in Package Industry


    Why packaging technology can develop so rapid?In the age of automation, packaging machine continuous operation. Packaging equipment must provide faster production speed and efficiency than before, so

  • JINPAT High speed rail slip ring


    After many tests, the slip ring with compact structure, high temperature resistance and high speed and long life was developed. We have made molds for this slip ring. While ensuring product quality an

  • The Advantages of JINPAT Slip Ring


    JINPAT has been cultivating the slip ring for more than 20 years. Today we talk about its main advantages:1. Pre-sales supportFrom concept-prototype-batch, we provide customers with all professional a

  • Application of Slip Ring in Drilling Platform Crane


    As we know, JINPAT slip rings play an important role in many fields. Next, we will talk about the slip rings of cranes on drilling platforms: With harsh environment,current is large, and the requ

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