Breakthrough of Pancake Slip Ring Technology in the Military Industry

After several months of technical breakthroughs in the JINPAT R&D Center, JINPAT pancake slip ring technology has made new breakthroughs. The ingenuity of the pancake slip ring has always been the desire of industrial manufacturing, but how to do it more sophisticated is the key.

Our company launched a military LPK pancake slip ring, which has been fully affirmed by design experts. Experts said that only JINPAT can pass the actual test.

The main parameters of the product:

  • Via diameter: φ60mm; outer diameter φ116mm; can be customized according to user needs;

  • Thickness is only 12.5mm;

  • Can pass 3 channels of current, 9 channels of ordinary signal; can be customized according to user needs;

  • The outer casing is made of aluminum alloy, and the overall strength of the slip ring is very reliable;

  • The rotational torque between the rotor and the stator is only 60mN•m

  • The stator adopts a special elastic structure and adopts special treatment as a whole; the rotor adopts a copper ring structure, which is not a traditional PCB board copper. The dynamic resistance fluctuation value between the rotor and the stator can be guaranteed only below 3mΩ, which fully guarantees that the signal will not be lost.

  • The slip ring can be used for over current, normal signal, Gigabit Ethernet, USB signal, Canbus and FireWire.



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