Automation equipment refers to machines or instruments which can operate according to the specific programs or orders they are given without the intervention of human. It is a kind of technology that free human from heavy physical work and partial mental work in evil and dangerous conditions. In the process of automatic manipulation, slip rings are applied to the system as the junction parts to transmit signal/data from rotating to stationary parts.

     Automation functions as a “brain” to the system, while JINPAT slip rings functions as “neurons” that transmit signal or data from rotating to stationary parts. As one of the most important technologies in the manufacturing industry, the slip rings rotate 360 degrees, avoiding the problem of wire knotting. The rotating electrical connectors can transmit not only power but also various IF and LF signals such as industrial Ethernet signal, correspondence signal, sensor signal, control signal, video digital or analog signals and so on. Multi-channel signal transmission is supported without data packet loss or cross code. For automatic production in medical equipment or beer packaging, with an excellent anti-interference capacity and low torque, the electrical transducers ensure an improved productivity. Moreover, considering the installation space, products of LPC, LPT, and LPFO series are designed in compact size to meet the actual needs. These units can also provide solutions for stable power and signal transmission in complex motions by integrating pneumatic and hydraulic rotary joints, coax and fiber optic rotary joints. Gold-gold contact ensures a superb conductivity while advanced fiber brush guarantees no lubrication, no wear debris. When applying these parts, the automatic equipment is sure to have a long-time operation with no extra maintenance.

LPT000-0415-0406-04S-04A(JP18-074-13HW)图2.jpgFeatures & Advantages

   360° rotating transmission of power and various signals

◆ Available for signal transmission of multiple channels

◆ Able to integrate pneumatic and hydraulic rotary joints, coax and fiber optic rotary joints

◆ No data package loss, no code cross

◆ Anti-interference, low torque

◆ Compact size, easy to install

◆ Super conductivity with gold-gold contact

◆ Maintenance free

 Long service life

 Mass production, prompt delivery

EquipmentPart NumberPerformance
CircuitsWorking Speed
Filling MachineLPC-06A-E21*100M Ethernet0~300 rpmDetail image.png
Semiconductor Packaging EquipmentLPS-066*2A0~300 rpmDetail image.png
OLED Manufacturing EquipmentLPT050-0415-0406-04S4*15A+4*6A+4*Signal0~30 rpmDetail image.png
Lithium Battery Manufacturing EquipmentTMC-LPT000-0416-11064*16A+11*6A0~150 rpmDetail image.png
Bottle Manufacturing EquipmentLPT046-0430-0415-E24*30A+4*15A+1*100M Ethernet0~150 rpmDetail image.png
Pipe CutterLPT080-1215-100212*15A+10*2A0~1000 rpmDetail image.png
LabellerLPT012-0810-04S8*10A+4*CANBus0~300 rpmDetail image.png

Custom Solutions

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