Application of Slip Ring in Energy Saving Slip Ring and New Oil Press

JINPAT Electronics and a well-known oil press machinery company have jointly developed a new type of oil press equipment with slip rings, which greatly improves the utilization of thermal energy. 

The new type of oil pressing machine uses the high temperature resistant slip ring specially designed by JINPAT. The heating device is placed inside the furnace body, which greatly improves the heating efficiency and reduces cost.

The slip ring is installed on the rotating shaft, the rotor part is locked with the rotating shaft. The stator part is connected to the power supply, the rotor lead is directly connected with the heating wire. The rotor and the heating wire rotate with the rotating shaft at the same time, and the hopper containing oil crops also rotates with the rotating shaft. The tumbled oil crops receive direct radiation, convection and conduction from the electric heating device, which greatly improves the heating efficiency.


At the same time, a temperature sensor detection path is added to the slip ring, and the thermocouple signal passes through the slip ring system to precisely control the temperature in the barrel so as to control the next operation. The thermocouple slip ring lays the foundation for subsequent automation.

JINPAT Electronics continues to promote and support the transformation of traditional machinery, making it more versatile, lower energy consumption, and more efficient.

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