Application of Slip Ring in Drilling Platform Crane

2020/4/28 16:48:52

As we know, JINPAT slip rings play an important role in many fields. Next, we will talk about the slip rings of cranes on drilling platforms:


With harsh environment,current is large, and the requirements are relatively high. Previously, it generally used diesel power generation or carbon brush slip rings for power supply. Due to the increasingly strict environmental protection, the use of diesel power generation for environmental protection is definitely not up to the standard, the carbon brush slip ring is bulky and requires regular maintenance. Hence, both of them can not meet requirments. In order to solve this problem, JINPAT and Shanghai Petroleum Company reached an agreement to work together. Through continuous communication with customers to optimize the plan, the above problem was successfully solved. 

JINPAT slip ring has been highly recognized by customers and actively promoted the research results, made a meager effort for environmental protection, and provided more convenience for offshore oil exploration.


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