Application of JINPAT Slip Ring on Car Charging Pile Take-Up Device

2020/1/15 15:44:56

The slip ring of a car charging pile take-up device designed by JINPAT according to the needs of a customer has the following technical advantages: can transmit 3 channels of 40A power at the same time, and can also transmit one switch control signal, the operating speed range is 0-200RPM, precious metal contacts, ensuring low friction, stable signal transmission, and long service life. 

The housing is made of aluminum alloy sprayed black, which has reached military-grade processing technology, greatly improves the performance and reliability of the slip ring.

JINPAT's small ultra-micro series slip ring is not only widely used in car charging piles, but also can be used as a take-up device for the remote control behind aircraft seats in the aviation field. The market application is very broad. Customers in related application fields are welcome to inquire.


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