Amusement Equipment

      Slip rings comprise an essential part for amusement park equipment. Along with the creative design and unique structures of the equipment, the slip rings contain great abilities to fulfill goals such as jumping, climbing, squeezing, slipping, swinging, rolling, and waving. Recreational facilities in small and medium size are gradually developed from power-driven to unpowered ones, from fixed to stationary ones, from the ground to air, and from single to integrated ones. Slip rings, the multi-channel parts that transmit electricity, signal, and gas-liquid, therefore, are popularly applied to amusement equipment. As the design and manufacturing technology of the amusement equipment improves, more challenges are required in terms of the slip ring performance.

     As the leader of the field, JINPAT slip rings, for amusement equipment exclusively, are designed in a special hollow bed structure between its tracks, which is convenient for heat dissipation. Their superior carbon brush material allows a large current-carrying capacity of 2000A per ring with minimal dust. In addition to their long lifetime service, the slip ring is maintenance free and obtains outstanding performance. With a loading current of 300A, JINPAT products of LPT series are the most favored products in the field. Integrated transmission of Ethernet, USB, RS, CANBUS, and FireWire in a reliable way is feasible. Advanced cluster brush multi-contact guarantees a stable contact with an extremely low friction force. Contacts are in a state of relative motion, 360° rotating or linear shuttle. Moreover, the internal design of physical isolation and shielding ensures a high-speed data transmission without interference. In view of the outdoor condition, the slip ring has a high protection level up to IP68. With a shock resistance up to 10~2000Hz, the unit supports the perfect operation of equipment like Ferris wheel, spinning cars, and large pendulum. So far, JINPAT slip rings of LPT and LPA series have been applied to many facilities in amusement parks. They are certified strictly by in-house examinations and highly acknowledged by customers. 


Features & Advantages

   Analog, digital signal and high-speed data transmission

◆ Integrated transmission of Ethernet, USB, RS, CANBUS, and FireWire

   Large current-carrying capacity

   Convenient dissipation

   Stable contact, low wear debris, low friction force

   Shock resistant, anti-interference

   High protection level

   Maintenance free

   Long service life

EquipmentPart NumberPerformanceSpecs
CircuitsWorking SpeedIP
 Ferris WheelLPT000-0520-0410-0408-01E25*20A+4*10A+4*8A+1 pair*100M Ethernet0~10 rpm
IP65Detail image.png
 Ferris WheelLPT000-03200-0430-0802-09S3*200A+4*30A+9*Communication Signal+8*Common Signal0~250 rpmIP51Detail image.png
Stunt System of Culture & Technology ParkLPT025-0530-08E-04E-4S5*30A+1pair*Gigabit Ethernet+1pair*100M Ethernet+4*Common Signal0~300 rpmIP54Detail image.png
Stunt System of Culture & Technology ParkLPT120-06156*15A0~10 rpmIP54Detail image.png
Loading System of Culture & Technology ParkLPT025-0620-08S-E36*20A+1pair*Gigabit Ethernet+8*Common Signal0~300 rpmIP54Detail image.png
All-dimensional Dynamic Aerial Viewing SystemLPA000-14500-1250-0902-02E314*500A+12*50A+9*2A+2pairs*Gigabit Ethernet0~15 rpmIP51Detail image.png
Linear Platform CarLPA000-03300-02150-0230-E33*300A+2*150A+2*30A+1pair*Gigabit Ethernet0~10 rpmIP51Detail image.png

Custom Solutions

If Our Standard Rotary Unions And Slip Rings Aren't Quite What You're Looking For, We've Got You Covered. We Provide Custom Designed Components For Specialized Applications. Our Engineers Have Over 80 Years Of Combined Experience In Rotary Unions And Slip Rings And Will Come Up With The Perfect Solution For Your Needs.

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