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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does JINPAT do?

We focus on developing, designing, manufacturing high quality slip rings, and offering various solutions for rotating systems.

2. Whom with us? 

We are cooperating and growing with customers in different industries. Our expertise meet various requirements and standards as well as in military specification.

3. What's the maximum current that your product could pass?

We can customize special design according to customers’ requirements. So far, The maximum Current we have sold is 600A to our customer and received great welcome from them. If you require higher current, please feel free to contact with us.


4. Your coax rotary joint series only have one channel or more?

We can provide one channel or multiple channels with SM or MM for you. If you have other special demands, our sales engineer will recommend you the most suitable products.


5. Why should I choose precious metal rather than mercury contacts?

The primary reason is the safety. Mercury is, of course, a toxic substance, so if your application involves food manufacturing or processing, pharmaceutical equipment, or any other use where contamination could be a serious threat, your choice should be precious metal contacts. Leakage of the mercury will lead to extremely serious contamination.

 If you want to know more details about JINPAT slip rings, please contact us and we’ll meet your special needs.

Terms of Warranty policy

1. The warranty period shall be 1 year from the date of the arrival of the product. During the warranty period, the supplier provide free repair and replacement of the product except for the damage caused by human factors.

2. This guarantee does not cover damage due to improper use.

3. The supplier shall not bear the joint liabilities and losses caused by the product.

Acceptance criteria, methods and objections:

The buyer shall check and accept the product within 15 days after receiving it. If there is any quality objection, the buyer shall submit a written objection to the supplier with the period of acceptance, otherwise it shall be deemed to be in conformity with the quality standards agreed upon by both parties.

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