A Big Step for JINPAT Single Mode Fiber Optic Rotary Joint to Achieve Bulk Production

2020/10/12 16:16:20

JINPAT FORJs are available in single and multi-pass types. There are single mode and multi-mode options for both types.


JINPAT began R&D in FORJs long time ago, and has been focusing on technic developing to make single-mode fiber optics production easier and better. Multimode fibers have large cores and large numerical apertures allowing the propagation of multiple modes of optical energy. Single-mode fibers are with small core size and small numerical aperture and for this reason they exhibit very high bandwidths at wavelengths between 1,270 nm and 1,650 nm.


Jinpat FORJ Developing Lab

Because of these smaller core sizes and numerical aperture, single-mode FORJs must be designed with very precise mechanical alignments. JINPAT FORJ developing team has now made great breakthrough on single mode fiber optic and therefore improves the production efficiency, making bulk production possible.

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