4K High-Definition Video Signal Rotation Transmission Solution

The rapid development of technology has also led to the continuous development of products supporting new technologies. Taking the video industry as an example, the production technology of 720P, 1080P and 2K video has matured. Up to now, 4K technology has gradually become popular, and 8K high-definition video signals began to emerge. In the process of video production, many need high-definition video slip ring to support. As a veteran slip ring manufacturer, the series of high-definition video slip rings developed by JINPAT Electronics can currently support up to 4K@60Hz transmission. These slip rings are equipped with professional-grade aerial photography drones, photography rocker arms and other equipment that need to transmit high-definition signals.

The three commonly used solutions provided by JINPAT for HD video are SDI signal slip ring, HDMI signal slip ring and DP signal slip ring. Let me talk about the HDMI signal slip ring first. The HDMI slip ring developed by JINPAT currently supports the transmission of 4K@30Hz high-definition video signals. Dozens of related combined slip rings have been developed. The slip ring LPC-24A-HD01, for example, has only one HDMI signal path and is tailored for overseas customers. It is used in the rotating transmission part between the video equipment and the TV.

From the naming, we can know that this model slip ring is improved from the JINPAT standard slip ring LPC-24A, and also improved from the standard slip ring is JINPAT single channel DP slip ring LPM30B-DP. Similarly, this type of slip ring can also support the transmission of 4K@30Hz high-definition video signals. Because it uses a DP cable to transmit high-definition video signals, it only supports devices with a DP interface. Plus product terminals on the market that use DP interfaces is less than the HDMI interface, so the output of this type of slip ring will be much lower than that of the HDMI signal slip ring, and this also means that its cost will be higher than that of the HDMI slip ring.

The remaining high-definition video signal slip ring is the SDI signal slip ring. At present, JINPAT Electronics has developed a 4-channel 6G-SDI signal slip ring, which can simultaneously realize simultaneous transmission of 4 channels of 4K@30Hz high-definition video signals. Of course, 4K@60Hz full HD video signal slip ring, JINPAT also has Off-the-shelf products. It currently cannot realize multi-channel transmission. They can only transmit a single channel 4K@60Hz signal. Its model is LPCC-01B, which is a new member of the JINPAT high-frequency slip ring family.


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