New Launched DP Slip Ring by JINPAT

Apart from development and manufacturing of HDMI / 3G-SDI slip ring, JINPAT recently also launches a new slip ring design for transmission by DP (Display Port) interface. With a higher resolution and refresh rate, such a swivel supports HD audio signal transmission while transferring video signal. For one thing, with single-channel, one-way or four-circuit connection, the electrical part can transfer uncompressed video and audio signals in a rate of 10.8Gbps; for another, it also supports transmission with 1Mbps in a bidirectional auxiliary channel for equipment control use.

JINPAT DP slip ring enjoys a reliable transmission with a bandwidth of 21.6Gbps and resolution of 4K@60Hz. It is certified by our test and proven to be no splash screen.

With such an electrical rotary connector designed exclusively for DP interface, it can definitely ensure an output of picture displayed by high-end device. Moreover, its high bandwidth and resolution make it possible to achieve three-screen and even six-screen output.


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