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LPC-24A Capsule Slip Ring

Capsule slip rings can transmit high current and high speed with compact design. Its low contact resistance and optimized heat dissipation structure ensure slip ring to work stably for a long time, all of this can avoid slip ring to strike fire. It uses gold contacts at the rotary interface. Color-coded lead wires are used on both the stator and rotor for simplifying electrical connections.


◆ 24 circuits models
◆ 2 amps per circuit ,240VAC/DC
◆ Speed up to 300 rpm continuous
◆ Gold-Gold contacts
◆ Compatible with data bus protocols
◆ Sealed units are available
◆ Flexible, color-coded, silver-plated, Teflon® UL lead wires
◆ Transfers analog and digital signals
◆ Also available with 5 and 10 amps power rings combined with 2 amps rings.
◆ Precision ball bearings meet or exceed life requirements for most commercial applications

Main Application

◆ Electrical test equipment
◆ Manufacturing and process control equipment
◆ Indexing tables
◆ CCTV pan / tilt camera mounts
◆ Robotics, rotary sensors, urgent illumination equipment
◆ Exhibit / display equipment.
◆ Aviation, military ,instrument, medical equipment.
◆ Mini-type wire-rolling machine
◆ Closed-circuit control

Operating Speed
0-300 rpm
Number of Circuits
240 VAC/DC
Current Rating
2 amps/per circuit
Temperature Range
-20℃to +60℃
Contact Material
Gold to Gold
Lead Size
AWG28 , silver plated copper UL Teflon®
Lead Lengths
Standard 250 mm (9.843inch)
Dielectric Strength
≥500 VAC @50Hz, between each circuit
Insulation Resistance
100 MΩ@ 500 VDC
Electric Noise




Capsule Length =L
# of Circuits
L (mm)
Part No

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