The Application Of JINPAT Slip Ring In Fire Engines
The quality of fire engines reflects the level of a country's fire-fighting equipment and even embody the level of the country's entire fire-fighting business. So the fire truck equipment becomes extremely important, slip ring plays a crucial role within the fire truck accessories, The Roof PTZ need to achieve 360-degree rotation, so it needs the supporting slip ring on the cloud platform, JINPAT slip ring can achieve 360 degree unlimited transmitting power or data signals, solving the problem of 360 degree rotation.

JINPAT R & D LPTS series slip ring which can be used in the fire truck that has the following technical advantages:
1. Maximum through hole can reach 300mm
2. Can be integrated high-pressure hydraulic rotary joints synchronous transmission
3. The maximum current can reach 600A
4. Multi-signal can be integrated (such as throttle signal/control signal/bus signal, etc.)

Application areas:
Fire truck
Construction machinery vehicles