Jinpat Supply Industrial Crane Slip Ring

Since 2017,The rise of the engineering machinery industry is encouraging, from excavators to loaders, to bulldozers and graders, In April, The sales of engineering machinery in each segment are generally explosive, According to the statistics of the engineering crane branch of China construction machinery industry association, April 2017 crane sales of 3058 units, up more than 60% from a year earlier, for seven consecutive months to achieve positive growth. The development and use of cranes in the market is also becoming more and more extensive, and now many projects require lifting equipment: Mechanical, metallurgical, chemical, mining, forestry, etc

Cranes have the following categories: flow crane, towe r crane, mast crane, There are also car cranes, driving and gantry cranes and so on. Many of equipment in the cranes need to use the slip ring to play the role of transmission, such as auto crane, The slip ring needs to transmit power supply, throttle control signal, light signal, there are some lifting equipment also has the scope of the rotation angle requirements. The slip ring is a critical component of a crane, which can be applied to an electromechanical system that requires an unlimited continuous rotation of current or data signals, The conductive slip ring can improve mechanical performance, simplify system design and prevent the wire from causing damage when it rotates

With the relevant economic growth in recent years, local urban infrastructure began to actively start, including highway, railway, JINPAT conductive ring is installed on the rotary center, which can be used for the transmitting power and signal between the crane and the back of the crane, such as large current, overload signal, meanwhile, this series of slip ring is generally protected by IP65 protection aluminum alloy shell, that can be applied in the dust and exposed working environment,
The current and the size are large, and the slip ring should also be subjected to high vibration and low temperature special requirements to ensure reliability and long working life. And JINPAT product has high reliability and can accommodate the long hours of crane.

With the development of the engineering machinery industry, the company has promoted the slip ring to design and produce high performance, high quality and long life of conductive slip ring for engineering machinery manufacturing.