Cable Reel Slip Ring Rotary Joint

JINPAT Electronics is a professional manufacturer of conductive slip ring, The product design, manufacture and testing process of cable reel slip ring is advanced. The reliable quality and good service. Jinpat slip ring has been sold to more than 100 countries around the world, We have received favorable reviews from our customers! To ensure that the electric cable is always smooth, it can't be separated from the slip ring. According to the installation of conductive slip ring in different ways, divided into slip ring built-in type, slip ring mounted outside , cantilever type three kind of structures. The slip ring built in compact structure, beautiful; slip ring outer-type easy to maintain; The cantilever is suitable for coiling longer heavy cable.

According to the installation method of the conduction slip ring, it is divided into three kinds of structures, including built in, mounted outside and cantilever type. The built-in slip ring is compact and beautiful; The external mounted slip ring is easy to maintain; The cantilever is suitable for winding the longer and heavier cable.
cable reel slip ring

Cable reel is divided into: spring-driven cable reel and motor-driven cable reel. Spring-driven cable reel is used to control the rolling and releasing of cables, which are mainly used for cranes, stacking devices or waste water treatment technology. The spiral spring drive reel are more reliable and cheaper and can be replaced with electric ones, The main characteristics of the slip ring are: vibration resistance, high power, high protection level, You can choose the through hole and fiber optic slip ring.

Specifications (Model: LPFO-1F2402)
Single-channel fiber, 24-circuit @ 2A
1310/1550 nm wavelength range
240VAC / DC, -40 ℃ ~ +65 ℃ Operating temperature
Gold - gold contact, engineering plastic shell
IP68 protection class
Cable length and connector options

Choose the reasons for the JINPAT slip ring:
1.Jinpat only choose high-quality raw material suppliers
2.Jinpat conductive slip ring using advanced precious metal fiber brush technology to ensure that the current, the signal data stable and reliable transmission
3.Jinpat factory each slip ring have been rigorously tested, and for you to send our on-site test test report
4.Each of the slip rings from JINPAT has been rigorously tested and sent our on-site testing reports for you.
5. Through scientific calculations, Maximize the service life of the rotary slip ring by making the pressure between the brush and the loop
6.Provide a comprehensive after-sales service