Electrical Rotary Joint Slip Ring , Conductive Slip Ring

The conductive slip ring belongs to the application category of electrical contact slip connection, It is also known as the collector ring, rotary joint, rotating electrical interface, slip ring, collecting ring, ring back, coil, commutator, adapter, It is a precision transmission device that implements two images of relative rotation, data signals and power transmission. It is especially suitable for applications where unrestricted continuous rotation is required while transmitting power or data from a fixed position to a rotating position.

The rotating joint slip ring is a general term, which is actually a mechanical rotating joint and electrical rotating joint. The usual mechanism of rotating joints is very simple, The usual mechanical rotary joint structure is very simple, and the electrical rotary joint is different, it is in the process of transmission to solve the problem of rotating winding. During electrical design, the wire must be connected to the rotating parts when the mechanical part of the machine is rotated without limit. Electrical engineers will encounter wire winding problems, this time, he needs an electric rotary connector, this is the rotating connection to transmit power and signal through the electrical rotating joint.

Jinpat conductive slip ring professional and technical:
1, The standard slip ring product specifications, advanced double gold rail contact design - long life, high protection, maintenance-free;
2, Small appearance, compact, light weight, easy to install;
3, Smooth operation, low torque, very low electrical noise, low contact resistance, no friction;
4, Multi-contact, multi-channel (can be Customizable 300 channel above), multi-signal transmission;
5, High speed (up to 10000rpm), high voltage, high degree of protection, high-speed data transmission, high product accuracy;
6, The combination of optical fiber and electricity, air pressure and hydraulic system, the combination of electric slip ring and high frequency rotary joint;
7, Provide customized special needs of conductive slip ring.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of slip ring, we have provided a number of mature technical solutions in some important applications such as wind power generation scheme, air pressure drive scheme, submarine energy program, etc. If you have special requirements, please provide the following information, we will tailor for you!
1. Number of channels
2. Dimension requirements (if required), hollow shaft slip ring to provide inner diameter, outer diameter diameter and length
3. Working speed
4. Operating temperature
5. Working humidity
6. Application