• LPMS-08D the Smallest Volume Slip Ring in China

           Till now, the product of LPMS-08D model is a precise conductive slip ring that enjoys the smallest volume in China. With advanced design in compact size, the super mini

  • Slip Rings for Shadowless Lamp

    Medical equipment is a symbol of modern industrial level. JINPAT, being the first manufacturer, have designed slip rings for medical use applied to shadowless lamp in operation overseas. The slip ring

  • HDMI/3G-SDI Slip Ring

    HDMI is a multi-media interface of high definition. Adopting the digital video/audio technology, it's compatible with digital connector for image transmission and can transfer audio and image sign

  • Solutions for High Impact Resistance and Rotating Speed Capsule Slip Rings

      Solutions for High Impact Resistance and Rotating Speed Capsule Slip Rings  JINPAT Electronics is a professional slip ring manufacturer committed to developing, designing and manufacturing. Coop

  • CNC Precision Machining

    With strong processing capability, JINPAT has advanced precision milling machine, CNC lathe, grinding machine, CNC machining machine and large CNC machining center. The parts produced b

  • Project Management

    JINPAT has a strict quality management system and introduced a number of convenient and efficient management system, regardless of the scale or complexity of a project, our engineering management team

  • Engineering & Simulation

    With many years' experience and a deep knowledge of engineering disciplines, JINPAT engineering team can provide fast and innovative design solutions for customers around the world. Our engin

  • How to Prolong the Working Life of Carbon Brush Collector

    Most slip rings problems appeared on synchronous motor caused by large wear difference.

  • The Correct Use And Installation Guidelines Of Capsule Slip Rings

    Here are some steps of capsule slip ring to install.

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