Super Miniature Slip Rings

Slip rings are usually used to transfer data and power to a rotating shaft. LPMS series super miniature capsule slip rings are conceptually suited to vital applications where signals and power need to be transmitted in a small space. Gold to gold contact ensures long working life, low noise, low contact resistance and minimal interference between circuits.


1. Stainless steel housing and rotating axis, very low torque.

2. Working temperature could be high to 200 ℃.

3. All military standard raw materials, which ensures low signal, transmitting well in very harsh environment.

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Part # Ring # ODxL(mm) Voltage(V AC) Current(A) Signal Details
LPMS-12A 12 Circuits ø11.1*24 240VAC/DC 1A /
LPMS-10A 10 Circuits ø10X14.6 240VAC/DC 1A /
LPMS-10A-08 8 Circuits ø10X14.6 240VAC/DC 1A /
LPMS-06B 6 Circuits ø8.5X11.2 240VAC/DC 1A /
LPMS-06A 6 Circuits ø7.9X11.2 240VAC/DC 1A /
LPMS-04D 4 Circuits ø7.90*10.80 240VAC/DC 1A /
LPMS-04C 4 Circuits ø7.90*10.80 240VAC/DC 1A /
LPMS-04A 4 Circuits ø7.9X10.80 240VAC/DC 1A /
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