Miniature Slip Rings

Jinpat miniature slip rings, also called rotary electrical connectors or rotary electrical joints, are ideal for crucial applications where signals and power need to be transmitted in a compact size. Our miniature slip rings are available in a range of diameters from 12.5-16.0mm.


1. Metal or plastic is option for housing and rotating axis.

2. Circuits combination is available (video, control , sensor, power, Ethernet and so on).

3. High speed data transmission is compatible for some special module (Firewall or USB2.0).

4. Advanced military technique is adopted to process the surface of contacting slip rings.

5. Low electric noise , long life time, reliable operating.

Please contact us, our sales engineers will provide you recommendation or customization.

Part # Ring # ODxL(mm) Voltage(V AC) Current(A) Signal Details
LPM-30A 30 Circuits ø16X39.5 240VAC/DC 2A /
LPM-24A 24 Circuits ø15.5X39.7 240VAC/DC 2A /
LPM-20A 20 Circuits ø15.5X35 240VAC/DC 2A /
LPM-18A 18 Circuits ø15.5X40 240VAC/DC 2A /
LPM-12A 12 Circuits ø12.5X25.3 240VAC/DC 2A /
LPM-08C 8 Circuits ø12.5*18.4 240VAC/DC 2A /
LPM-04C 4 Circuits ¢8.5*10.8 240VAC/DC 2A /
LPM-06A 6 Circuits ø12.5X18.20 240VAC/DC 2A /
LPM-06C 6 Circuits ø12.5X18.2 240VAC/DC 2A /
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