LPFO series is a family of fiber optic rotary joints manufactured by JINPAT. Such rotary unions feature optic fiber as the media for data transmission. The fiber connector is designed perfectly for transmitting a large capacity of data and signal from stationary to rotating parts. 


Built-in interface supports quick plug in

Serving as photoelectric integrated unit

Low insertion loss but high return loss

Transmission with no leakage or electromagnetic interference for a long distance

High transmitting bandwidth

Uniting with various signals, no contact or friction

Small and light figure

Optional mode for multi-channel parts

Various package types

Water and dust proof, vibration and shock resistant

High protection level up to IP68


Long service life up to 200 million turns

Competitive cost

Flexible connector for fiber wire terminal

Rapid Delivery

Custom solution

Part # Ring # Current(A) Fiber Optic
Connector type Details
LPFO-02B 2 / 2 850-1550nm All types
LPFO-02A 2 / 2 850-1610nm All types
LPFO-01N 1 / 1 850-1650nm All types
LPFO-01B 1 / 1 650-1650nm All types
LPFO-04N 2 / 4 850-1550nm All types
LPFO-02N 2 / 2 850-1550nm All types
LPFO-01A 1 / 1 650-1650nm All types
LPFO -03B 3 / 3 850-1610nm ST/FC/SC/LC
LPF0-1F1202 12 12@2A 1 650-1650nm FC/SC/ST/SMA /LC
LPF0-1F2401 24 24@1A 1 650-1650nm FC/SC/ST/SMA /LC
LPF0-1F3001 30 30@1A 1 650-1650nm FC/SC/ST/SMA /LC
LPFO-1F3005 24 24@5A 1 650-1650nm FC/SC/ST/SMA LC
LPT000-32S-16A 16 2A 16 850-1610nm ST/FC/SC/LC
LPFO-1F2401 1 - 24 24 Circuits 1A 1 850-1610nm ST/FC/SC/LC
LPF0-1F1202 1 - 12 Circuits 12 Circuits 2A 1 850-1610nm FC/SC/ST/SMA /LC
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